When I first came to Harmony over two years ago, I was exhausted from long years of caring for others.

I was drained beyond anything I have ever felt before and was utterly burned out.  All through my life my worth seemed to have been in what I could do for others.  I had lost sight of who I really was or what my true gifts were.  My constructed mask was cracking and beneath it lurked terrible despair and terror.

Then I walked onto Harmony!

That first day I immediately felt at home among fellow travellers in this sometimes very painful world. We understand each other – we trust each other – we have been there so we can support each other.

As you walk through the door you feel as if you are enveloped in a safe, tender hug – the sort of hug some of us may not have experienced for a very long time.

Coming  to Harmony has changed my life in countless ways –

It has given structure to my week and continues to be a lifeline during my darkest times.

I have learnt that I am accepted and perhaps even loved just as I am.

I no longer have to exhaust myself by caring for others or to try to gain acceptance and love.

I am getting better at setting boundaries and being assertive; at least realising that my own needs are just as important as those of other people.  I am enjoying using my talents wisely and in ways that don’t drain me.

From peer support groups and workshops, I have learnt many invaluable skills – especially mindfulness and relaxation – tools I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

To know that our facilitators and volunteers are on hand to have a private chat if you need it – that is worth its weight in gold.  Their sensitivity, empathy and expertise often works unseen miracles.

And as a group, we are learning to enjoy ourselves again – laughter, music, art and dancing are very therapeutic – and fun!

So thank you – thank you to all of you who have made Harmony the emotional treasure trove it has become for so many of us –

You may well have saved our lives.

Thank you.