Member's Stories

“Harmony is a warmly welcoming group that provides different activities on most days. I like the way that I don’t have to say in advance if I am going to “drop in” or not. I find it a relaxed setting to chat to people while doing an activity. Some favourite activities for me have been the darning workshop, Pilates, and learning to cook a frittata (I didn’t even know what a frittata was).”

“Volunteers and paid staff join in on an equal footing with service users such as when doing Pilates and singing with Jane. This is somewhere I feel accepted even if I am ill, where I can get help with sorting problems out. I can take part in activities I like which help provide my days with structure and company. It is a light space with a deliberately positive vibe.”

“When I am in the middle of Bridport and gasping for a cuppa, I find myself homing in on Harmony even if I haven’t planned to go there. What’s not to like?!” KF